Text output from the word distribution
derived from the brain image for each concept

Concept Top 10 words in concept brain
image word distribution
(in article)
Top 10 words in concept brain
image word distribution
(not in article)
bear species animal male city breed female hunt wolf human live cat bird dog wild egg house vehicle elephant larger wheel
cat species light bird water fish produce insect female bottle body egg drink lamp wine beer ant bee nest shark fossil
cow species animal female male breed food human live cat feed bird egg fish hunt insect wolf prey body eat bear
dog species animal male female breed human hunt wolf cat live bird egg feed insect lion elephant ant water bee habitat
horse wear horse record design time drive type animal allow vehicle card service power company information woman datum clothe wheel device
arm muscle human bone handle animal structure nerve contain join branch cell body iron blade form head brain steel tissue organism
eye water form surface land region cause time type world zone ice rock river sea wind ocean soil flow lake occur
foot form human bone animal structure function organ contain limb anatomy cell muscle body brain tissue organism bacterium nerve membrane sponge
hand body muscle form human animal brain bone tissue function organ cell horse wear species organism structure type bacterium woman membrane
leg body animal structure term woman lower weight attach refer leg cell key lock switch type form machine wear muscle horse
apartment build house floor design window type state door building space material city wood paint wall store structure street construction size
barn city build house store state material Unite floor wood building street town home design bus road type country department service
church build city house store wall design structure construction size town material wood paint floor street type window state tree door
house city build house town state home Unite country public people store street bus road village department park bar bath fuel
igloo light skin heat form rise air increase temperature type refer color green fuel engine red gas energy white blue produce
arch build state world century time term building park refer form city house store street town home Unite tea bus people
chimney build power wood design station line wall structure locomotive type material church paint train signal radio size electric surface frequency
closet build wall design construction size space common trunk provide modern material wood paint structure window floor surface frame tree door
door build city light house material wood design type town wall store drink lamp street state water Unite home floor wine
window material wood build wall design structure size construction window type paint floor tree concrete brick space city shape manufacture leather
coat wear woman design clothe century type term dress fashion modern horse power train station line signal locomotive radio saddle steam
dress wear woman clothe century dress type form fashion style design horse cell light saddle drink body term animal produce lamp
pants wear woman type century clothe term time allow dress fashion light horse drink lamp wine beer water bottle design produce
shirt wear woman century dress term time type american modern world horse clothe saddle fashion species animal ride city style trail
skirt wear woman clothe century produce form time dress fashion female horse species plant bird egg fruit saddle food fish grow
bed build house power line time provide country common world people city station store street state water town Unite design home
chair material wood design woman type form size time century people light drink lamp build wear horse love paint sexual wine
desk wood build wall design structure size surface frame type form material paint construction window floor tree door roof plastic brick
dresser piece store similar furniture display traditionally shelf locate drawer chest material wood design build paint type wall size form structure
table material wood wall paint design size surface type floor shape cell build structure form construction window tree frame door roof
ant animal species breed human hunt male plant bear food female cat wolf wild dog lion elephant tiger deer hybrid pet
bee species male female wolf human wild time common live population animal horse wear breed cat hunt dog range power bear
beetle species bird egg plant insect food female animal form family fish produce ant bee fruit nest grow time snake horse
butterfly plant species city fruit grow state food house tree leaf animal seed store build Unite street town home wild population
fly species human breed food produce body time size contain pet animal plant cat wolf male hunt wild dog fruit female
bottle drink wine beer bottle water produce beverage alcohol glass soft light lamp valve pipe bulb cocacolum beam headlamp whisky company
cup tree type popular drink store design china storage liquid base plant fruit produce seed grow leaf oil flower sugar fuel
glass drink glass liquid plastic color hold vessel simply compare cup light lamp wine beer water produce bottle plant fruit valve
knife iron blade steel handle cut metal tool nail hammer bronze head hair whip breast design size sword century bra rope
spoon steel head handle cut metal hammer century bronze knife shape iron blade hair tool nail whip breast design hand size
bell produce wine contain state time world common type process century light plant drink fruit lamp water beer seed grow sugar
key time beam common type state allow production company form term light drink species lamp water wine beer produce bottle plant
refrigerator light drink build house beer water store state design produce city lamp wine material bottle wood street term town floor
telephone century design style modern allow american time popular english begin wear horse woman clothe saddle material dress fashion ride type
watch power signal train radio electric frequency electrical current sound water station line locomotive steam railway wire tower rail air track
chisel type design form allow term time common require hold refer wear horse woman clothe century saddle dress fashion cell key
hammer steel head cut handle tool nail design hammer size hand iron blade hair metal whip breast bronze knife century sword
pliers head steel cut handle metal tool design hand material edge iron blade hair fiber century type size shape modern nail
saw blade steel cut tool tooth material hand modern type edge iron tea handle metal head hair design century shape form
screwdriver blade steel head handle tool hammer hand size design shape iron cut hair metal nail whip breast bronze knife sword
carrot plant fruit cut seed grow produce century leaf size shape iron blade steel head handle hair metal tool nail tree
celery plant fruit seed grow leaf flower produce variety species food tree sugar potato iron milk cut rice state juice cheese
corn color drink beer water produce green pipe white red beverage light lamp wine bottle wear valve horse bulb cocacolum beam
lettuce species century form plant produce type food world family begin wear horse church time woman bird music instrument egg body
tomato plant fruit seed grow leaf tree flower produce species food sugar oil milk rice cheese butter bean water olive vinegar
airplane vehicle gear aircraft power design speed passenger drive air seat wheel car truck transmission pole type elevator belt driver cyclone
bicycle power station line train form water wire design build air cell signal locomotive radio steam electric frequency electrical current sound
car city build vehicle store species state wheel Unite car plant house street town home fruit grow food department seed village
train vehicle wheel car design city material type speed passenger seat build gear aircraft house wood floor store size tornado transmission
truck vehicle wheel gear car passenger speed drive truck seat transmission aircraft design tornado pole wind elevator belt flight safety cyclone